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Why a lotion bar? Sometimes you don’t want to deal with creamy lotions that take a long time to absorb. The lotion bar is designed to allow you to quickly and easily apply moisturizer to the areas you want most, with out the need to rub it in your hands.

Great for those who wash their hands often, and want to be able to rub on moisturizer to the most needy areas, such as the tops of your hands.


2.2 oz lotion bar. Choose from either Soothing Vanilla, Astute Rosemary, or unscented:

Soothing vanilla to rub on those areas that need extra moisturizer, while relaxing in the enjoyable scent of vanilla.

Astute Rosemary for a fresh wake up scent, a little mind nudge during that test, or just to get a burst of energy, all while moisturizing that dry skin.

Unscented for those days you just want to put on a little lotion via a bar.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Vitamin E (non-GMO), Rosemary or Vanilla Essential Oil if scented.

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3 reviews for Lotion Bar

  1. Brandan

    This is an amazing product that I highly recommend for people who work outdoors in the summer sun. It starts off as a fairly solid chunk that I rub onto the backs and palms of my hands. It can take a few seconds for it to soften up and be able to rub it in. Once applied it does wonders for my dry hands. It also helps with the lower part of my face that is not fully covered by my hat and gets exposed to the sun. Pretty much any part of me that gets way too much high desert sunshine I put this stuff on. With out it my skin does all sorts of odd things.(Sun screen does not prevent what ever goes on, but this does.)

    What makes it really amazing is that unlike a lotion there is never any mess and once applied it stays on and lasts much longer than any other lotion that I have seen. Using bees wax seems to seal in the oil and any natural oils the body may make. It does not interfere with sweating and does not come off with sweat or water. I guess soap and scrubbing might remove it, but that has never been on my todo. As for those who may fear it plugging their pours I have never had that issue with this. Then again I have never had the problem so I might be the wrong one to ask.

    While I love it for summer and count it as a must for working in the sunshine, I do not use it in the winter. I am sure people could, but for me I like to have my hands a bit on the drier side in the winter as they seem to stay warmer that way. Then at night in the winter I use a similar product that has a lower melting point around my finger tips.

    Side note:Lotion bar… While I do not have a better word, that completely misses the mark as far as what this is and how I envision it working. It seems to oil up the hands, getting them moisturized similar to how a common lotion may, just without the mess. But then it has beeswax to hold in the moisture keeping the hands from drying out again. For me that second part is very important and is why I just love this product.

    A tip: If you know you are going to be working in grease, say packing a wheel bearing, apply this before you get your hands dirty. Then after you are covered in grease and go to wash up you will find the grease comes off a whole lot easier as the grease does not stick to your skin with this on first.

    • Rob

      [Please note that while Tober’s Traditions does not edit or delete customer comments, we must provide a (FDA) legal disclaimer that Tober’s Traditions does not advertise nor promote our lotion bars as having any sunscreen or sun protecting properties. The lotion bars are not intended as a sunscreen, nor have they been tested for such. That is the purpose of our Shield Sun Care product, which is undergoing required testing for that purpose.]

  2. mchaneysandy


  3. morissaschwartz (verified owner)

    I love this. Lightweight and really moisturizes all over ! It’s not too heavy for warm weather and the scent is amazing.

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