Troothful Tooth Powder, a different approach to clean teeth

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Nature’s Complement Troothful tooth powder is an alternative to toothpaste without the ingredients that you don’t want. For best results, measure out 1/2 teaspoon of powder on a separate container such as a small plate, then dip your clean wet toothbrush in the powder and brush away. Add more powder as needed. Because the tooth cleaner is a powder, it is stable without additional unnecessary ingredients. Tip: If you prefer a paste, you can just add water (using a separate container) to make it like a toothpaste!

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What you get is 2 oz by weight of Troothful Tooth Powder in a glass jar. Simply dip a clean but wet toothbrush into the jar of tooth powder, and brush away. Rinse well. You can also pour a little tooth powder in a separate container to dip into or use the lid as a dish. A little bit goes a long way.

4 oz resealable refill bags are now available!

Why use Nature’s Complement Troothful Tooth Powder? The ingredients are simple, nothing fancy, just the right stuff to get the job done. A proprietary blend of:

Calcium carbonate – a healthy mineral your teeth require for remineralization.

Xylitol (derived from US Birch trees) – xylitol is a natural sweetener that bacteria can not digest, which is why it’s good for your teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) – provides clean teeth and is alkaline/basic to neutralize all the acidic foods we eat.

Hydrogen peroxide – antimicrobial and offers just a dab of teeth whitening each time.

Essential oil for flavor and fresh breath. Three flavors to choose from: peppermint – for that minty clean, fresh feeling. Fennel, which is tasty (similar to licorice) and good for your gums! Or fennelmint which is a mix of peppermint and fennel!

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2 reviews for Troothful Tooth Powder, a different approach to clean teeth

  1. heatherbjorum

    I have been struggling with sensitive teeth for many years and I have tried many of the sensitive teeth toothpastes with minimal results. A friend told me about this tooth powder and the benefits that fennel has on teeth, so I tried it. After using the fennel/mint tooth powder for about two weeks, I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned. First, I had NO pain with the scraping and I usually suffer in a few sensitive areas. Also, the dentist and hygienist were raving about how clean my teeth were. I’m not sure if this product solved my sensitive teeth problem or reduced my tarter so much, I didn’t need much scraping. Either way, I’m a believer. This is really great stuff!

  2. littlefin101

    So far this is my favorite product by Nature’s Complement! I really like how clean and refreshed my mouth feels (this powder leaves no residue). After about a week I don’t feel like my store bought toothpaste was adequate enough. I look forward to trying more products!

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