L’Crème Anti-Wrinkle cream

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Nature’s Complement best seller!

Nature’s Complement L’Crème cream is a wonderful day cream to moisturize while providing natural ingredients that help slow the skin aging process. Made from scientifically researched ingredients. The secret is that while most manufacturers will skimp on the expensive ingredients that work and add cheap artificial fillers instead, we actually use the ingredients that work as the main ingredients. Our customers tell us that L’Crème makes their skin appear noticeably younger – which may be why it is our best selling product!

Studies describing which ingredients offer benefits to your skin will be posted soon!


**********Please note*************

The L’Crème formula has not changed.

But a raw ingredient has, for the better!

We recently switched sources of the rosehip seed oil. We have switched to a cold pressed, unrefined, virgin and raw rosehip seed oil that was discovered to be of superior quality to the rosehip seed oil used previously.

Because of it’s natural nature, the oil is quite a bit darker in color, which in turn makes the L’Crème appear a darker color as well. However the color is still the same as the old L’Crème when applied to the skin, and the color difference is only noticeable in the jar.

We promise that the cream is the same formula it has always been, it is just now of better quality due to the superior rosehip seed oil.

We strive at Nature’s Complement to provide only the highest quality ingredients that we can find, which means we will always work to improve our products.

Ingredients: Rosewater, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil,  Organic Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, L-Carnosine, Natural Vitamin E (non-GMO).

Keep refrigerated. Because we do not add any unnecessary chemical preservatives for the purpose of extending shelf life, and only make products on demand, you can make your product last longer by simply keeping them refrigerated. This product was designed for better application when kept refrigerated.

A little bit goes a long way!

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2 reviews for L’Crème Anti-Wrinkle cream

  1. lghildebrandt@gmail.com

    I really like this face cream! I have dry skin and this is the absolute best cream I have found. My skin looks and feels amazing!

  2. vacagm011


    Check out the ingredients list in this product, I was pleasantly surprised how soft my skin felt after using this product, Loaded with youthful ingredients!! omg and prime anti-aging Oils, Loaded with Age Defying Treatment! Helps with fine lines and wrinkles.
    Plus, this cream will firm up the skin. Of course all that takes time with continuous use of this product.
    The moment those wrinkles and fine lines creep in we all start running for anti aging creams and serum etc, hoping to erase them … just as soon as possible.
    Well, the fact of the matter is all those aging sign on our face and neck, do need special attention, By using all natural organic healthy ingredients, It Is a Win! Win! Not to mention how good your skin will look, the youthful skin is back. 
    I personally do see a difference in my fine lines and wrinkles. And this is a fabulous cream for dry skin.. Especially on my neck. I applied this cream nightly.
    I really like how it worked with my other skincare products… I personally could really see a huge difference in my fine lines in my neck.
    I feel this cream is best used cold, and for a nightly routine. Smells heavenly
    Not so much in the day! Do to its moisturizing effects… unless your skin is really dry. 🙂

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