Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

I must confess that the title “Killers of the Flower Moon” is not something I would generally pick up to read, but don’t judge a book by its title as I almost did. This is a detective type of story that is based on real life, and will not only leave you angry at the atrocities committed by humans, mad at the leaders of the FBI, but also craving for more.

But there isn’t more, only so much has been recorded and preserved during this time in history. And considering that the dead can’t talk and tell you more, and the families that survived only passed down what they knew, that leaves little detail to tell the whole story. But perhaps, the whole story is even more perverse, and best to start at low doses.

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann is a very well written book, based on the true story about the murders that occurred starting from the late 1910’s throughout the 1920’s. Not only is the book well written, but very thoroughly researched. This isn’t just one of those mystery who done it novels, this is a history that reveals the atrocities humans are capable of, and how far a person would go for money and power. Then it delves deeper into the consequences on those involved, and how much that money and power changed the outcome for those that were guilty.

While I didn’t really care how the FBI was formed (I should have realized), the real reasoning of how the FBI was formed and what actions were taken in regards to the Osage is not only important to learn, but interwoven in the outcome.

I would have never found history class boring in high school if this is the type of material I was given to study. But I never heard of the Osage until I read this book. I never understood how a native culture could be forced to leave their sacred ground, or the intricacies of how land ownership in relation to the natives worked. These all played a roll in how the search for the murderers was handled, but it was written in a way where you could see the entire picture in your head and all of a sudden understand how all the complex systems worked together.

It is impossible not to get emotionally involved, but it’s easy to forget that this occurred just barely a 100 years ago. The greed, the corruption, the bigotry, and the deceit. And then, a perfect example of how the government is not here to help you. A definite must read.

While the audiobook is great, I bought the book for the additional photos of the Osage that truly contribute to this work of art. And a big thank you to my book club for choosing such an amazing book, despite its title.

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