Procter & Gamble (P&G): 17,600 Products Could Be Affected By Coronavirus Due To Supply Chain

According to Forbes, P&G’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) has stated that as many as 17,600 of P&G’s products could be “affected”which means production and availability could be interrupted by corona virus. P&G apparently relies on 387 suppliers in China who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Here are a few thoughts about this:


  • Availability of cleaning products and personal care products could be reduced (like paper products are now).
  • As the image at the top of this article indicates, the world’s supply chains have become very interdependent, particularly dependent on China.
  • Apple, Adidas and Starbucks have apparently also been affected by supply chain disruptions.
  • Most people are not aware that they are supporting companies that outsource production to China. Do you really want to support and depend on a company that has outsourced its production base to China? I realize this has been the trend among corporate America for the last 25 years, but the current circumstances exemplify (one of the reasons) why this was a bad idea to begin with. Just look at what’s happening with the current situation with COVID-19.
  • It’s possible you won’t be able to get that latest Apple iPhone you’ve been wanting. You might not be able to get a variety of products if things continue in this direction.
  • As both raw ingredients and manufactured final products are delayed in reaching the US, people will be looking more to products made in the US that are available now, and will see a price difference. This will likely be a shock to many who are used to getting supplies super cheap (both in cost and quality).
  • Nature’s Complement generally does not source raw materials from China. We try to source raw materials produced in other countries (including the US) whenever possible. At the moment, we are currently only using one ingredient sourced from China: natural, non-GMO Vitamin E. And we can find a suitable replacement for that.

As a public service announcement, buying American made products might soon be your only option, if supply chains from China and other countries continue to be disrupted.

Keep your distances and stay safe,


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