FTC Fines “Organic” Personal Care Product Retailer For Fraud

A lot of companies in the personal care product industry are committing fraud. They’re lying about what is is their products, and/or they’re simply using generic off the shelf formulas comprised of chemical soup. They focus only on marketing, rather than what is in their products, and put consumer health at risk as a result. Here is a perfect example of that.

A company called “Truly Organicis being fined by the FTC for misrepresenting their products. It turns out that their products were not so “organic” after all. This is a great example why you have to be careful about which companies you trust when selecting personal care or body care products.

Here are some highlights (or “lowlights”) of what the FTC claims that company was doing:

• Claiming that they were using organic ingredients in their products when they were not
• Claiming that their products were vegan when they were not
• “Other Truly Organic products contain non-organic ingredients that the USDA does not even allow in organic handling, such as the chemicals cocamindopropyl betaine and sodium cocosurfactant.”
• “Some Truly Organic products, […] contain no organic ingredients at all, as they come as finished products from wholesalers who do not offer organic products.”
• “[T]he defendants continued to supply marketers and internet influencers with product labels featuring the false certifications and, through 2018, continued to endorse and upload influencer videos to Truly Organic’s YouTube channel containing [false] claims.

One company down, only a thousand more to bring out into the light. Shame on them for lying to unsuspecting consumers, and more importantly, shame on them for putting people’s health at risk.

So what does this have to do with Nature’s Complement? Simple, we are not like most other companies in this industry because:

1. We only tell the truth about what is in our products (unlike many other companies).
2. We don’t hide what is in our products (unlike many other companies.)
3. We only use safe ingredients in our products (unlike almost all other companies)
4. We admit not all our ingredients are organic and identify on the ingredients label which ingredients are organic (or not).
5. We don’t rely on BS marketing claims to sell our products.
6. We manufacture our own products, and we personally use the products we produce.
7. We are your trusted brand based in integrity.

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