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Tober’s Traditions formulates, produces, and sells, safe, healthy, effective all natural personal care products that actually work! Our product line includes moisturizing lotions, face creams, soaps, hair care products, deodorant, sunscreen, tooth cleaner, lip balm, massage oils, personal lubricants, and bug repellent. Unlike many of the big name brand products which contain harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives, our products don’t put your health at risk by using them. And unlike many other all natural products, our products actually work well. Our product line was originally formulated for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies. But as our research and business developed we realized that not only do a large percentage of people have such sensitivities, but that most of the personal care products on the market put people’s health at risk. And we have documented this with thoroughly researched science-based articles on our web site here:
Personal Care Product Preservatives, And The Truth (Part I)
Personal Care Product Preservatives, And The Truth (Part II)
We encourage anyone interested in their health to try our products as we offer a risk free money back guarantee.

Our Qualifications

Who are we and what do we know about health? My husband and I both graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in 2010. My major was in biology which included courses in cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, nutrition and plant biology. My husband’s curriculum included courses in chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, cellular and molecular biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

We both graduated with honors even though we were both working full time and attending school full time. At that time, we both worked for a biomedical biotechnology research lab intent on curing the process of aging. It was there that we developed our research skills. There we learned to evaluate peer reviewed journals, and apply the concepts to actual science. We also gained a great deal of knowledge about the aging process itself from the research we were conducting.

When we first went to college, our goals for our education were much different, and we changed course as the need arose, since life seemed to have a different plan in mind for us. My husband and I have also worked in clinical health care, and that has also contributed to the knowledge and experience that we draw from to bring you Tober’s Traditions. My husband and I combined our various research lab experience, our education, our health car experience, and our unique talents, to bring you high quality products that actually work.

Making our own products wasn’t just a desire, it became a necessity, as I discovered that my skin had developed adverse reactions to many of the ingredients that are often found in commonly available soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, lotions, and many other personal care products.

It was almost as if life had guided me to create these products for my personal needs. Only then did I realize the tremendous need and desire by others for personal care products that didn’t cause allergic reactions from synthetic and unhealthy ingredients. My husband and I decided to start new traditions of quality and healthy skin products, and offer them to others who value the same principles and ideals.

A Bit More History; How It All Began

My family has always been very selective about our ingredients, not because we’re snobs, but because we care about our health. We have always been very cautious about what we put in our bodies.

But over the years, regardless of our healthy food choices, we realized the lack of availability of personal care products that held the same concept of healthy ingredients as our food, and what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put inside our bodies.

There is a common misconception that if a product is for external use only, then it’s okay to put on our skin. What we may not consider is that a percentage of these ingredients will be absorbed through the skin internally, nor how often the items we put in our mouth to consume, had been handled by our hands, which often are used to put on skin care products that are for external use only. Sure, we might only be getting minuscule amounts of toxic chemicals through these exposures, but even minuscule amounts can be harmful depending on what the specific ingredients are.

Over time these minuscule amounts can add up to cause health problems, as I had learned from personal experience when settling for products that I thought were “not so bad”.

My family used to spend too much of our time at the store reading ingredient labels in hopes of finding products that are actually healthy, with ingredients that show the producers actually care about our health, and not only about profit. Every time we’d go shopping, we would look at ingredients, and my hubby would just put the item back and say “Someone should invent a product that has these ingredients, but not these ingredients.” After hearing him say that for the ‘I’ve lost count’ number of times, I realized, that somebody is going to be me.

Then the world all made sense of why I went to college for biology and chemistry. I love understanding the human body, nature, and the world around me. So why not create products that take all of that into account? Why not create products that are truly healthy, not just gimmicks, but real, quality products? I put my mind to work, and started to research different ingredients that I want, and how to blend them without any of the ingredients that are on my “don’t want to use” list, but still make the products work like they should. This is no simple task, as oils and water don’t mix well, and often carrier oils are not ideal for the end product I was looking for.

After many long hours of researching peer reviewed scientific journals on the efficacy and safety of ingredients, then many more long hours of researching which combinations of ingredients will and won’t work together, and finally making sure the products produce the results I have in mind, I have developed a line of products that I, my family, and my friends, all personally use. Among my family and friends I have started a new tradition of safe, yet effective personal care products. Products that you won’t want to put back on the shelf after reading the ingredients. Products that you know with certainty were designed to both meet your personal care needs, and keep all the toxic chemicals out.

I don’t sell anything that I myself or my family doesn’t use ourselves. All my products are made on demand to reduce the need to add toxic ingredients in an effort to extend shelf life. Most of my products are stable for a minimum of six months and longer if refrigerated (I do add natural preservatives such as vitamin E to extend shelf life). I am happy to answer any questions about any ingredients I use, and I am also happy to alter any recipe if you have a problem with an ingredient such as an allergy.

My products might not look like what you get at the store, but that’s because I didn’t design them to look a certain way, I designed them for efficacy and healthy ingredients so that your family and mine, can live youthful, healthy, long lives.



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