Quality and Value Shouldn’t Require a Large Advertising Budget

When it comes to skin care, competition can be tough. Don’t get me wrong, I think my products offer a value that few other businesses offer, and that is the value of knowing that your skin is being taken care of by healthy all natural ingredients, no added fillers, and especially no unnecessary ingredients that would only result in harm to your skin.

With that said, I have few advertising dollars. As a matter of fact, last time I checked, my advertising budget was almost nil. I suppose I could skimp here and there, and order lower quality raw ingredients to mix into the final product, and hope no one notices. I could then spend the extra money on advertising. But then I wouldn’t sleep well at night, knowing that it could be me on the other end. I wouldn’t want to be the consumer who was duped into buying a lower quality product. Innocently fooled by advertising gimmicks, with no integrity backing the product.

That approach is not my intent, and never will be. I always put myself on the other side of the product sale as a consumer, and ask myself if I would use this on myself. So the end result is that I spend my extra dollars on the higher quality starting ingredients, so that the final product is the best I can provide. This leaves me few dollars for gimmicks and advertising and also avoids passing on the advertising cost to you, the consumer. But this is okay, as word of mouth advertising has always been successful in the past. So I depend on that.

However, now I have another advertising and distribution avenue to add, and I’m excited for several reasons.

Ridgeway Family Farm in Klamath Falls Oregon, has partnered with me to put my products on their local store shelf. This is wonderful because it will allow me more exposure to folks who care about their health, as Ridgeway Family Farm is all about organic, natural, healthy lifestyle. You can buy raw meat and milk, kefir, honey, fruits and vegetables, and other goodies from their store, and starting today, you’ll be able to purchase my products as well.

Ridgeway fridge

Not everything will be available immediately, as we’re going to start small to see how sales go. But I’m displaying my most popular items: My firming anti-wrinkle cream, Skin restore overnight cream, all natural deodorant, lotion bar, tooth cleaner, Lemon Balm lips to prevent cold sores, some soaps, and my latest and greatest, young again eyes.


The prices will be the same as I had at the Wednesday Farmer’s market in Klamath Falls, but since the market is over, you can now continue to get my products without contacting me for your orders. Ridgeway Family Farm has been kind enough to offer refrigeration for the products that need it (since I don’t add any preservatives that would otherwise be harmful to your skin), and I’ll be replenishing orders weekly as they sell. At the same time, if something is sitting on the shelf too long, I will pull it and replace it with a freshly made batch, resulting in the freshest products available.

So stop by Ridgeway Family Farm  at 8314 Hwy 140 East, in Klamath Falls, OR, and get all your milk, meat, veggies, and now your skin care products too. They are conveniently open from 7 to 7. Just take highway 140 East for a half mile from S. 6th Street and you’ll see them on the right. It’s the stone house with the goats!

Ridgeway Family Farm

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